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Admiring the scenery in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Travel Experts

Meet the experts! Our staff have travelled the world and are ready to use their expertise and knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your adventure. 

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Walking & Trekking


Walking & Trekking Experts

Exodus offers over 150 of the greatest walking holidays around the globe and is the world's walking and trekking specialist.


Cycling Experts

Our cycling holidays come in all shapes and sizes, from gentle cycling in the Loire region of France to off-road adventures in Morocco's Atlas Mountains.

Winter Experts

Welcome to winter holidays with a difference! Whether you're gliding along on skis, making fresh tracks on snowshoes, mushing your own dog team or gazing up at the night sky to witness the mesmerising Northern Lights, an Exodus winter adventure guarantees a truly memorable experience.

Cultural Experts

Cultural discovery trips extend further than a country's guidebook checklist can, and on an Exodus holiday, we aim to really get under the skin of a destination by immersing our travellers in local communities and giving them a fascinating insight into the day-to-day lives of residents. It's a wonderful complement to visiting some spectacular tourist attractions - just ask our experts!

Wildlife Experts

Our expert staff, both in the Exodus office and out in the field, are the fundamental reason so many customers return to enjoy wildlife holidays with us, thrilled by their safari or expedition, seduced by the species they've encountered and our respectful approach to admiring them. 

Family Holiday Experts

Travelling with the family in tow can be a daunting task, but with Exodus family adventures, the hard work is all taken care of for you. Carefully crafted itineraries ensure there's plenty of fun and activity to keep both the adults and kids entertained!

Polar Experts

At the ends of the Earth and far from the madding crowd, the polar regions are perhaps the last pristine wildernesses left on the planet. They’re harsh, merciless environments of savage, eye-watering beauty. But how times have changed for the Polar adventurer. These days, we can take a polar expedition to explore the frozen continents in relative comfort, returning to our homes within two weeks – unlike Ernest Shackleton and his crew, who took two years to escape the Antarctic’s icy clutches after their ship was crushed in 1915.