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Premium Portugal Holidays

Premium Holidays in Portugal

Travelling on a premium adventure doesn’t mean staying in generic luxury hotels. All our accommodation is handpicked by our team, individually chosen to reflect the local character and in-keeping with our values of supporting local businesses. Portugal’s boutique and stylish hotels make exquisite places to stay. Often surprisingly modern twists on the traditional, the chic accommodation is a real breath of fresh air – especially those on the coast, most of which we have specially selected for the stunning sea views. We have a few delightful surprises for those travelling inland, too – including one absolutely stunning rooftop swimming pool.

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Premium Portugal Adventure Holidays

Portugal: Walking & Wine with Madalena Patacho

Departs 15 Oct 2022 and 8 April 2023: Learn the history of Portugal from grape to bottle on this exclusive gastronomic journey led by award-winning guide Madalena Patacho through the spellbinding city of Porto and the Bastro and Douro wine regions.

Walking & Trekking
Activity level:
Ages: 18+
8 Days from $3,049 USD
Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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Walking in the Azores with Madalena Patacho

Step into otherworldly landscapes unlike anywhere else on earth with this gentle walking tour led by Naturalist Madalena Patacho through the treasures of Portugal’s remote Azores islands.

Walking & Trekking
Activity level:
Ages: 16+
8 Days from $3,549 USD
Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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A week-long exploration of the countryside in north Portugal interspersed with plenty of wine and...

Paula Richards, 2021 Portugal: Walking & Wine

It was a great tour along Atlantic coast with good weather, many good views, excellent guide and...

Lazzaro Amanzio, 2019 Porto to Lisbon Atlantic Ride
Fantastic week of cycling, sightseeing, good company and excellent guiding in coastal Portugal.
Celia Murray, 2019 Porto to Lisbon Atlantic Ride