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North Cyprus

Where ancient history blends with myth and legend in a melting pot of cultures

Tours in North Cyprus

By legend the birthplace of the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, Cyprus' modern history has, in contrast, been dominated by enmity between its Greek and Turkish inhabitants. But there’s an abundance of archaeological remains from the many civilisations who have inhabited the land over the centuries, and the north is considered the most beautiful and historically interesting part of the island.

Yet, North Cyprus remains a hidden gem of the Mediterranean. It’s far less visited than the rest of the island, meaning North Cyprus holidays are likely to offer up moments of pure, blissful isolation while you're out enjoying the stunning coastal walking routes. With superb trekking opportunities through unspoilt areas and mesmerising wildlife, and the relaxed local Turkish Cypriot culture, this is a place you’ll want to return to. And after a sunshine-filled day exploring, settle down in a taverna and savour the mouth-watering Cypriot cuisine: halloumi cheese, meze, fresh seafood and baklava for pudding.

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Cyprus Adventure Holidays

Walking in North Cyprus

32 reviews

Take in the unspoilt landscapes of North Cyprus

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Highlights of Cyprus trips

Walking: With a rugged coastline stretching for more than 150km, northern Cyprus is an unspoilt haven for walkers and wildlife alike. Lizards dart across your path as you explore the pine- and eucalyptus-scented mountains and cliff trails. Here there are 280 species of bird, including the roller and the golden hoopoe. And we visit some of the island’s many castles, some perched dramatically on cliff edges, including Kyrenia Castle.

People: The hospitality in Cyprus is unlike any other and unique to the island – the friendly locals are always keen to offer you some good wishes, and good food. Cypriots believe hosting is extremely important, so it’s not uncommon to be offered a drink while you’re browsing a shop. Slow the pace and enjoy the laid-back vibe and warm conversation.

Wine: Whether it be a crisp white Pinot Grigio or a rich velvety Malbec, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to wine here. A favourable climate and fertile soil means that the drink of the gods has been produced in Cyprus for over 4000 years.

North Cyprus is an overlooked destination. The history, castles and scenery are amazing. ...

Katy MacDonald, 2019 Walking in North Cyprus

This was my first trip with Exodus having traveled many times with some of the competitor...

Deborah Longland, 2019 Walking in North Cyprus

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